I am pleased to welcome you to the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). Founded in 1957, UABC is one of the top academic institutions in northwestern México, with more than 165,000 graduates who have become successful professionals. Thanks to the teamwork of many generations of men and women, we have attained a solid institutional image that enables us to enjoy widespread social prestige.

At UABC we place our students at the core of our institutional efforts to offer them comprehensive education based on principles and values, resulting in the development of a high sense of university social responsibility. We thus offer them a broad range of options geared toward strengthening their personal growth and professional fulfillment so that they may face the challenges life puts in their way. Among the university services offered there are internship programs in the public, private and social sectors, a complete mentorship system, scholarship programs and various grants, as well as cultural, athletic, entrepreneurial and community service activities.

Let me once again give you a warm welcome to the home of the UABC Cimarrones, Spanish for bighorn rams, our school symbol!

Toward Humanity’s Fulfillment

Daniel Octavio Valdez Delgadillo, Ph.D.

President of UABC


Daniel Octavio Valdez Delgadillo, Ph.D
Email: rector@uabc.edu.mx


Ms. Julieta Miranda Domínguez
Telephone: (686)553-44-61, (686)553-46-42
Telephone Switch: (686)551-82-22 ext. 33002

Address: Avenida Álvaro Obregón Sin numero Colonia Nueva
Mexicali, Baja California. C.P. 21100
Telephone: (686)553-44-61, (686)553-46-42
Telephone Switch: (686)551-82-22
Fax: (686)551-82-22 ext. 33005
Attention Schedule:
9:00am - 2:00pm y 4:00 - 7:00pm

The President’s Functions

As established in article 72 of the Estatuto General de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC General Statute), these are the President’s faculties and obligations:

1. To have legal representation of the University and to delegate it when necessary.

2. To summon the University Council to the ordinary and extraordinary sessions under the terms of article 64 of the Estatuto General de la UABC (UABC General Statute).

3. To preside the University Council sessions, implement their agreements and look after the compliance of the accords encomended to other University authorities or functionaries, with the exception of the veto.

4. To ban the general or relative agreements dictated by the University Council that are not technical in character.

5. To look after the fulfilment of the dispositions issued by the Governing Board.

6. To comply with and enforce the Ley Orgánica (Organic Law) and the regulations that emanate from it.

7. To preserve the University autonomy, respecting it and enforcing respect on it with the moral, historical and legal resources that are within his power.

8. To ensure the preservation of an order of freedom and responsibility in the University so that it can fulfill the essential purposes that society has entrusted to it.

9. To ensure compliance with work plans and programs as well as with the provisions and agreements that regulate the structure and operation of the University, dictating the conductive measures.

10. To permanently represent the University Council before the Governing Board (Junta de gobierno), the Board of Trustees (Patronato) and other university authorities.

11. To be in charge of the general guidance of the University, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law and the General Statute (Estatuto General) of UABC in matters not reserved to the Board of Trustees.

12. To submit an annual report to the University Council, the Governing Board and the Board of Trustees on the activities carried out and the status of the University.

13. To propose to the University Council the selection of the Permanent and Special Commissions members and to act as the ex officio Chairman of the aforementioned.

14. To present for the consideration of the University Council the plans and programs of study, the creation of new careers, faculties, schools, institutes, departments and teaching units.

15. To appoint and remove the Provost, Vice Chancellors, General Coordinators, General Attorney, Heads of Departments, and other Administrative Officials.

16. To appoint triads for the designation of directors of schools and institutes, and submit them to the Technical Councils and the Governing Board in accordance with the provisions of articles 28 of the Organic Law and 126 of the General Statute of UABC.

17. To appoint and remove the University trusted employees.

18. To grant appointments to University staff in accordance with the corresponding university regulations.

19. To grant licenses and permits to academic and administrative staff in accordance with the relative provisions.

20. To apply disciplinary measures and penalties appropriate to academic staff, officials, students and administrative staff of the University in accordance with the provisions of the General Statute and other corresponding university regulations.

21. To appoint a University Representative before the State Local Conciliation and Arbitration Board.

22. To coordinate studies with the aim of the formulation and update of institutional development plans.

23. To implement policies and programs for academic and administrative improvement of the University.

24. To create the necessary technical and administrative bodies to direct the general work of the University.

25. To issue and sign jointly with the Provost, professional degrees and diplomas that the University grants to validate the achievement of a university degree.

26. To definitively resolve the agreements made by the Technical Councils that have been vetoed by the director.

27. To preside, when deemed appropriate, the sessions of the Technical Councils of schools, faculties and institutes, with voice but no vote.

28. To publish in the University Gazette, an official organ of the University, the norms, dispositions, and agreements issued by the University Council so that they come into force.

29. In general, to comply with any other functions and obligations that the Organic Law, the General Statute and other university regulations established for his post.


Position: President
Held by: Dr. Daniel Octavio Valdez Delgadillo
Academic career:
  • Doctor of Laws. Autonomous University of Baja California, School of Law, Mexicali campus, 2006.

  • Specialization in Constitutional Justice, Theory and Practice. University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, 2006.

  • Specialization in Contemporary Human Rights Issues. University of Castilla- La Mancha, Spain, 2005.
  • Master of Laws. Autonomous University of Baja California, School of Law, Mexicali campus, 2004.
  • Specialization in Law. Autonomous University of Baja California, School of Law, Mexicali campus, 2003.
  • Bachelor of Laws, Autonomous University of Baja California, School of Law, Mexicali campus, 1997.
Other studies
  • Diploma in Penal Law, Penitentiary Law and Criminalistics. Autonomous University of Baja California, 2003.

Work Experience

  • Dean of the School of Law, Mexicali campus, from June 2013 to January 2019.

  • School of Law Full Professor, Mexicali campus, from 2003 to January 2019.

  • School of Law Lecturer, Mexicali campus, from January 2000 to 2003.

  • Student Services and School Management Coordinator, from December 2006 to December 2010.
  • Law School Administrator, Mexicali campus, from August 2003 to December 2006.

  • School of Law Assistant Administrator, Mexicali campus, from April to July 2003.
  • Student Welfare General Directorate Analyst, from May of 1999 to January 2003.

  • Head of the Department of Student Activities, Student Welfare General Directorate, from January to March 2003.
  • Undergraduate and graduate level courses taught: Philosophy of Law, Juridical Axiology, Theory of Law, Legal Research Methodology.
Law Practice:
  • Associate at the Bricio y Valdez law firm. Mexicali, B. C. From January 2011 to 2018.

  • lnternational law firm: Rodríguez Jacobo Martín del Campo y Asociadas. Mexicali, B. C. From September 1996 to December 1997.

Other UABC-Related Activities

  • Graduate thesis and dissertation director.

  • Published works.
  • Presentation of papers and conferences at academic events.

  • Attendance of professional update courses
  • Attendance of pedagogy courses.

  • Participation as academic event organizer.
  • Participation in collegial bodies.

Achievements and awards

Achievements and awards:
  • Baja California delegate of the National Association of Law Schools and Legal Research Institutes, A.C. (ANFADE), Mexico City, 2018.

  • Member of the Commission for the Selection of the Citizen Participation Committee for the Baja California Anticorruption State System. Mexicali, B.C., 2018-2020.
  • Cum laude mention for Master’s thesis. Autonomous University of Baja California, School of Law, Mexicali campus, 2004.

  • School of Law merit for Master of Laws degree. Autonomous University of Baja California, School of Law, Mexicali campus, 2002-2004 generation.
  • Desirable Profile Recognition awarded by the SEP (Secretariat of Public Education) for the 2016-2019 term.

  • Desirable Profile Recognition awarded by the SEP (Secretariat of Public Education) for the 2006-2009 term.

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